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Your internet connection can sometimes randomly drop out or suddenly become intermittent, these are known as disconnections. This article will help you diagnose disconnections and then attempt to resolve them.

Am I having disconnections?
Intermittent connections can be caused by a wide range of things, some of which are easy to resolve, others more complicated. Commonly, your wireless signal could be weak and this can give the impression of an intermittent connection. To test this, simply connect your computer to the router using an ethernet cable or wait and see if the problem is resolved with a strong wireless signal.

If your internet still keeps dropping out whilst using a wired connection, you will need to check your landline. Pick up your handset and listen for any noise and see if the dial tone is clear.

If you have a faulty landline this will cause issues with your broadband. It is important to raise any faults on your landline with your phone provider before raising any broadband faults, as this may resolve all issues.

If your landline is working fine but your broadband is still dropping out you may have a genuine disconnection fault.

What Next?
If you think you have genuine fault on the line, you will need to perform a few simple tests first. This will rule out any possibility of your equipment or internal wiring causing any problems. Click on the following link for further diagnostics.

My Connection is now stable, but I have a slow speed
Now that your internet is now stable again, a slight drop in speed is to expected. This isn't anything to worry about, just ensure your router remains plugged in and switched on for approximately 72 hours and your speed will return to normal.

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