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Call Barring

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This feature allows you to choose to stop certain types of calls, for example, all, international or Premium Rate Information calls (but not 999/112 or 151).

Once this feature has been enabled on the line, it is possible to bar access using the following codes on your telephone key pad:

To set up outgoing call barring Dial *34 code #
To cancel outgoing call barring Dial #34 code *PIN#
To see if out going call barring is on your line Dial *#34#

Codes for Outgoing Call Barring

1 - Bar almost all calls, cancelling this option also cancels any other Outgoing Call Bars in place
2 - Bar national and international calls, and calls to mobiles
3 - Bar international calls
4 - Bar all operator calls, SMS messages, and text direct 18001 & 18002
5 - Bar calls to numbers with a * or # in them (includes some calling features)
7 - Bar calls to premium rate numbers

To bar all incoming calls to your number Dial *261#
To cancel incoming call barring Dial #261#
To see if incoming call barring is on your line Dial *#261#

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