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This guide will take you through the processes that happen after we receive an order, through to when your service is fully live, and a few of the important features in the portal.

Order placed
After placing an order Openreach will be tasked with provisioning the order and as soon as the order has been provisioned you will receive an email with your order information. If you also ordered a router with the service this will also be dispatched at this time.

In this email it will include important information such as the confirmation of the expected order completion date and your connection details.

Activation day
If you are not migrating then it's advisable to have setup the router prior to the activation date and have it plugged in ready, as that way as soon as the service goes live you will be connected.

If you are migrating there's two main scenarios you will face:
  • MPF to LLU/LLU to MPF - You will experience a short period of downtime with your internet connection. It is advisable to continue using the old connection until you experience the downtime, at which point enter the details into the router and you will connect as soon as your connection goes live. You may also lose phone service for several hours during the number change.
  • Like for Like - You may experience a disruption in service, if you do then it's advisable to put the new details into the router at the point. If you do not receive a disruption in service then the best course of action would be to put in the details once you receive the broadband activation email.

In both instances your connection can go live at anytime until midnight on the activation date.

Service is live
Once your service is live you will be able to use all of the features within your portal. Some useful features are as follows:

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