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Service Failure Compensation

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We aim to provide a fault-free service but like all providers, we are reliant on networks outside our direct control. These range from the copper line infrastructure to backhaul networks with equipment and networks to exchanges.

Many of our services have care levels that define when compensation will be paid. This, however, is usually no more than the per day rate of the service that has not been consumed.

All care levels are considered an aim but not guaranteed and do not apply to major service outages (MSO) and matters beyond reasonable control (MBORC). MSOs can impact many lines and be a wider network fault relying on third-party networks to resolve (and similar issues) and MBORCs can be extreme weather putting engineers safety at risk, serious network damage due to landslide or "acts of god" (and similar issues).

Likewise, if an engineer visit is offered to resolve an issue within the care level time frame but you cannot meet this meaning the fault would drop outside of the aim to fix time, the time will only be counted from the point of the fault being raised to offering the visit and then from the engineer visit if not resolved.

If following the visit, the cause has been determined to be with equipment or wiring on-site and this is naturally outside of the care level fix time, compensation will not be paid in any event.

For broadband-only services, if there is a fault or loss of your phone line which is not with us, faults cannot be raised until the primary service is fixed. Any compensation for loss of service during that time has to be made to your line provider as their service has failed.

Compensation is limited to any amount paid on a daily pro-rata basis.

Telephone Rental (WLR)

There are four care levels for our standard line rental. Ranging from 1 to 4 with 1 being included by standard on all services.

  • Care Level 1 - Aim to fix by the end of working day, plus one working day. i.e Fault raised before 5pm on Monday, should be resolved by 23:59:59 on Wednesday.
  • Care Level 2 - Aim to fix by the end of working day, including Saturday. i.e Fault raised before 5pm on Friday, should be resolved by 23:59:59 on Saturday.
  • Care Level 3 - Aim to fix within 24 hours. i.e Fault raised 2pm on Tuesday, should be resolved by 2pm on Wednesday.
  • Care Level 4 - Aim to fix within 6 hours. i.e Fault raised 10am on Sunday, should be resolved by 4pm on Sunday.

Broadband and Bundled services

There are three care levels for broadband services. Ranging from standard, enhanced and premium with standard being included on all services.

  • Standard - Aim to fix within 40 working hours between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday which equates to 5 working days.
  • Enhanced - Aim to fix within 20 hours.
  • Premium - Aim to fix within 8 hours.

All care levels are set at Openreach and apply to all providers equally.

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